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Nadia brought a strongly holistic perspective to her treatments of my arthritic hip. Not only did she use a full range of physical therapy treatments, but she advised me on diet and exercise strategies that she thought might help. Working together with Nadia, I have been able to cut down on the number of physical therapy visits per week that I make. I have also been able to dramatically reduce my need for pain and arthritis medicine.
— Tina R
I was fortunate enough to get introduced to Mend Physical Therapy and Nadia through a co-worker and I was impressed from day one. Nadia is extremely professional and gives you the time attention you need. It is very obvious she loves what she does. Her attention to detail and genuine care far surmounts any other physical therapist I have seen. I came to her practice with sever back pain and the goal of running the Chicago Marathon. She helped me put together a strategic plan that included in person consultations and activities I could do on my own to help me prepare for the marathon. She constantly took my feedback and adjusted my plan as needed, I felt like she wanted me to succeed just as much as I did! I went into the marathon feeling much better and confidant than ever before and ended up running my best marathon to date. I would highly recommend visiting Nadia if you are looking for a world-class physical therapist that will give you the time and attention you need.
— Kyle F.
I’ve been going to Nadia for years at her old practice and can’t wait to see the new space. She’s an amazing physical therapist who has helped me through ankle surgery, hip pain, back pain - you name it! She treats each injury holistically - rather than focusing just on the area in pain, she takes care to think about how other parts of the body could be impacting or impacted by the current problem. Seriously, Nadia is so talented that she’s worth the trip out of Manhattan...and if you live or work nearby, you have no excuses for not going here!
— Sara L.
Nadia is amazing. Over the summer I developed a sprained ligament in my right foot, and four months later I was still in pain, still in a walking boot, and had been to two podiatrists and a sports therapy clinic. Walking was so painful, and every night I was just going straight home and laying down- it was not healing like the doctors said it would if I rested. I was hearing different instructions from all sides, and finally got the recommendation to start physical therapy.

I called around and left several messages, trying to find a therapist who had experience with my specific injury. At this time, Nadia does not take my insurance but I am THRILLED that I started seeing her, because not only is she kind and understanding, but my foot is healing! Nadia is the magic combination of extremely knowledgable, understanding, and experienced. My first appointment was an hour, and it was just me for the whole hour. If you have every been to a physical therapy or doctor’s office you know how unusual that is. She emails me to check in on how I am doing, and adjusts the exercises that I do at home based on my progress, and my lifestyle. She explains the reasons behind what she recommends, and helps me understand body mechanics. I cannot even express how fabulous she is- at this time I am nearly pain free, and out of the walking boot! If you are injured, I feel for you because it really really really sucks. Go see someone who really knows what they are doing.
— Stepha K.

I was a patient of Nadia’s at her former employer on and off for almost 5 years, and wish I could take her everywhere I go! Nadia is a very caring, honest, and down to earth physical therapist. After my hip surgery is when I first started seeing Nadia, she not only carefully guided me through recovery, but went above and beyond to make sure both she and I were fully educated about my whole body (history, bone structure, weaknesses, imbalances, muscle firing patterns) to heal and come out stronger than ever.

I have to admit that I have never felt stronger and more able to rely on my body than in my first year post-op because of my work with Nadia (and I am a professional contemporary ballet dancer). She assessed my problems and rather than just giving me the run of the mill exercise from a book, she searched, created, and hand tailored my treatment to ME and advanced at the pace my body responded to! I never felt discouraged, and being an ambitious perfectionist, Nadia was key for my patience and dedication, which was, in turn, key for my healing and physical health from there onward.

Even after having moved away and completing my treatment with Nadia, I am very aware of how much knowledge I now obtain to care for myself and prevent and treat any pains or problem areas in my body.

Above and beyond, Nadia has also recommended some of the best doctors and advice for my overall healthcare.
Being a professional dancer, I have seen many experienced and well educated physical therapists in North America, Europe, and Australia, and not one has come close to the treatment I received with Nadia due to her attention and dedication to her work, and the ease and often joy that comes with being her patient...

I would come back to New York from Canada to be treated by her...
— Christie P.