Using ancient techniques to treat a variety of life stages




Holistic care using ancient techniques.  

We're thrilled to announce that Marcia-Elizabeth (Mel) Thompson will be offering Acupuncture treatments at Mend. Mel uses acupuncture to treat a variety of life stages.

Fertility - optimize your chances for conception.  In addition to the application of acupuncture, you may be prescribed an herbal formula to regulate your body’s reproductive system and prepare you for fertilization and implantation.  If you are working with an MD, we will be in communication and participation in your care to ensure that you’re receiving the best support you can at this precious time.

PediatricsChinese Medicine treats every pediatric need from cradle cap to acne and everything in between.

The American Academy on Pediatrics has determined acupuncture to be “safe for children when performed by appropriately trained practitioners.”  Marcia-Elizabeth is one of those practitioners, having completed advanced graduate training in the treatment of pediatric disorders and studying under the top two pediatric acupuncturists in New York City.  She is an accomplished clinician and adept in the diagnosis and treatment of children.

Pain Management - acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for pain associated with herniated discs, pinched nerves, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, menstrual cramps,  poor posture, arthritis, and a host of other causes.  

It is generally not acupuncture alone, however, that ends the cycle of pain.

As a licensed herbalist, Mel will prescribe plant-based pain relievers to support you between treatments.


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