A holistic approach to physical therapy focused on you

1:1 Personalized Treatment

You'll get hands-on treatment from me - Nadia Sefcovic Chopra. I am a highly trained and experienced Physical Therapist holding a Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) and a Certified Orthopaedic Manual Therapist (COMT). You won't be passed off to aides or interns to handle your care.


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Mend the core problem

My sessions are designed to find and focus on the core problem using manual physical therapy techniques … not just treat the symptoms. Your treatments include a thorough diagnosis, in-office therapy and exercise, and at at-home training program.                                                       


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Experience across a range of patients

I have had the pleasure of refining my physical therapy skill set across a wide degree of patients including NYC ballet dancers, professional athletes, office workers, young students, and those enjoying retirement. My experience across a variety of patient and injury types will be used to create a personalized treatment for you.


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